I’ve been using the Konova slider for quit awhile and it’s worked great, but I’ve always wished I would have spent a little more on a slightly longer model. It always seemed like I ended up needing just a little bit more track to finish shots, and Konova recently released an update to there original slider. So I thought it was a good excuse to upgrade.

The most noticeable upgrade to the Konova slider is it’s support legs. The old slider (on the right) had legs that are balky and required a coin or flat head screwdriver to attach properly, while the latest version (on the left) has a nice large thumb wheel with easy to adjust legs. The original slider also had rubber pads glued to the bottom of each end cap that had a tendency to come unglued in warm weather. The pads didn’t stay attached long enough for me to find a good use for them and i’m glad to see that Konova decided not to include them on this upgrade.

The slider itself hasn’t changed much and the unit still uses U grove type linear bearings that allow for very smooth camera slides. If you already own the original Konova slider there isn’t any major reason to upgrade. But if you’re still in the market for a good slider I would say the extra $30 to $40 price increase is worth it to have nicely machined, easily removable legs.

The only other difference that I can see, is that the slider carriage is now machined out of a single peace of aluminum with 2 inset holes for the tension adjustments. The original (bottom) was made out of two peaces of aluminum bolted together, with slightly less attractive hardware.

I’ve used the original Konova Slider so much that there is now a worn circle in the Slider carriage caused by the mounting and removing of my Manfrotto 501hdv. It’s done a great job and I suspect that it’s replacement will do the same. If you plan to order one of these keep an eye on the “NA-” in the title, the number following NA is the size of each model. Some of the longer models are more then 4 feet long (1240mm) which might not be ideal for light travel.

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