I’ve been eyeballing an HDMI locking device for awhile now, but it’s kind of like buying socks, I know I need them but I get little to no joy out of buying them. Finally Lockport has released their universal HDMI clamp, which doesn’t require a specific kind of rig, instead it works with whatever you have. The design is all aluminum as with there other designs and works with any QR plate you have laying around.

Is it a good idea to use something like this with your field monitor? Yes.  Do I use one? I should but I don’t. I know it’s a good Idea and the price is right ($109) compared to other options but I just haven’t pulled the trigger. If you’re interested in an affordable hdmi locking device it’s defiantly worth checking out Lockport’s universal hdmi clamp, $109 is defiantly a better price then most of the other current options out there. I’ll probably wish I bought something like this when I destroy the hdmi port in on my camera.

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