The price for 3d printering keeps dropping as people come up with more and more elegant designs. The Printrbot is another entry in the low price 3d printer market, keeping the cost down by using a minimalist design. You aren’t going to be printing as fast as some of the beefier printer designs out there but for the price, slow and steady whens the race.

The Printrbot kit has very few parts, which means it’s much easier to build. Some of my 3d printers took more then a week to build and another week to calibrate and get working properly. If you can build this in a couple of hours and get it printing, that’s a lot of time saved. The other nice thing is that the design is expandable, all you need to enlarge the printing area is to add some longer rods, a bigger heated bed, and your good to go.

It’s amazing how small this printer is, yet it still has a bigger printing area then the cupcake on the left and at half the price it’s certainly worth checking out.  The project has more then enough funding to get off the ground. So if you want to get on the waiting list for the $500 Printrbot check out there kickstarter page. You can also see example prints, pictures, and more at

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