It’s great when someone thinks of a way to use the Noob shock mount for something completely different then I had intended. Yiannis put together this simple but effective boom pole using PVC pipe and the Noob shock mount adapter, then added a 1/8 inch cable extender for headphone monitoring.

Yiannis mentioned that a windscreen is a must for both indoor and out door shooting. Most of these smaller field recorders pickup wind noise very easily, I’ve gotten in the habit of leaving the windscreen on all the time. The price of a Furryhead windscreen is around $15 and it’s a worthwhile investment even if you’re only planning to use your Zoom h1 for voice over work.

The end result of this PVC/Noob shock mount combo is the ability to get the Zoom h1 as close to your subject as possible. It’s unfortunate that there is no remote control for the Zoom h1, it would be nice if there was some way to start and stop recording from the base of the boom pole.

I love to see Noob gear in the wild, so feel free to send photos and videos of your applications.

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