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05Jun Canon 6d body $1099

While I’ve been shooting more and more with my Panasonic Gh4 and Sony A7s I’ve still held on to the Canon 6d body. It’s a solid camera and what I take with me when I need to shoot stills and video while traveling light. Right now the Canon 6d body is on sale for $1099 […]

10Jun Canon 6d + 24-105mm f4 $1899 combo deal

I still have and use the Canon 6d on a regular basis. It’s a great full frame stills camera and a pretty decent video camera (minus the moire issues). If you are in the market, seller “beststopdeals” on ebay has a very attractive combo deal. Right now they are selling the Canon 6d body with […]

05Dec Permanent price drop on Canon 6d?

The Canon 6d bounces around in price quite a bit, but the average price up until recently has been around $1700. After the round of black Friday and cyber Monday sales started to taper off, the Canon 6d remains at $1507 with free shipping on Amazon. Is this the new standard price for a 6d […]

15Nov Used Gear watch – Canon 6d $1450

Christmas is right around the corner and people are starting to list their used gear for less. This used Canon 6d body with a buy it now of $1450 and free shipping is just one example. The 6d has become my go to travel camera over the last few months and as long as you can […]

18Oct Canon 6d back to $1499 on ebay

The Canon 6d body is back down to $1499 on ebay yet again. Same seller as the previous sales. The trick with these guys is that they buy a bunch of body/lens kit packs when they are on sale then separate the lens and body and sell them separately. The result is that you get […]

30Sep Canon 6d body $1499

Canon 6d’s on sale again at$1499 it’s as low as I’ve seen it and ebay has it on sale yet again. This is a one day only deal and limited quantity so if you want one you should probably jump on it. It’s the same ebay seller I bought my 6d from a few months back, […]

21Aug Canon 6d body Just $1499

Canon 6d bodies are back on sale again on ebay. For just $1499 with free shipping you can pick up a brand new Canon 6d body on ebay, there’s also a 6 months same as cash special going on. I might not be a huge fan of the 6d at it’s original price (over $2000), […]

07Jun Canon 6d New for $1,499.95

At a price of $1499.95 new on ebay with free shipping, the Canon 6d is a hell of a bargain. That price puts a new 6d at about the same spot as a used 5d mark II body. But unlike the 5dmkII you get a better auto focus system, wifi features, and better low light […]

21Mar New Canon 6d for just $1650 on ebay

At the original price tag of $2099, the Canon 6d seems overpriced. However, as I mentioned in my review at $1650 it’s right in the sweet spot, fitting in about halfway between the Canon 7d and 5d mark III. The auto focus system might not be as good as the 5d mark III or 7d […]

09Feb New Canon 6d for just $1750 on ebay

If you are in the market for a full frame camera, the Canon 6d is selling right now new on ebay for a little less then $1750. Glad to see the canon 6d is starting to settle into a much more reasonable price for what it has to offer. At this price it’s a much […]