Canon 6d body (1 of 1)

I still have and use the Canon 6d on a regular basis. It’s a great full frame stills camera and a pretty decent video camera (minus the moire issues). If you are in the market, seller “beststopdeals” on ebay has a very attractive combo deal. Right now they are selling the Canon 6d body with the Canon 24-105 f4 lens for $1899 with free shipping.

If you get a great price on the Canon 24-105mm f4 you are looking at around $600. Subtract that from $1899 and you are paying about $1300 for a 6d body. Want to upgrade in the future, you can always sell off the 24-105mm and you’re left with a very good deal on a full frame (almost) Canon body.

This particular seller is listed with a US address, but many of these Ebay deals are selling gray market cameras. They also often require a signature for delievery. I picked up my Canon 6d and one of my 5d mark III bodies in a similar sale and had no problems, but if either of those things bother you, spend the extra and order from Amazon or B&H.

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