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26Feb Canon 80d, the Camera you wanted 3 years ago.

It’s been over 6 years since the Canon t2i was released. With the help of Magic Lantern, the t2i brought us headphone monitoring, focus peaking, audio level meters, in camera gain control and some other very impressive features. There have been 8 or so camera bodies released since then, but none of them have provided the value offered […]

15Feb Canon c100 price drop to $4999 on B&H

Canon’s dropped the price of the c100 yet again, perhaps preparing for the onslaught of new cameras coming in April. The c100 started out at well over $6000 upon release, but now you can pick it up on B&H for $4999 with free shipping. It’s still not cheap but the price is starting to head […]

13Feb Wasabi Canon BP-970G 8500 mAh c100/c300 battery

As I continue to uses the Canon c100 (which still has yet to impress me), I wanted to get a few more batteries for longer shoots. The Canon BP-955 batteries that come with the camera aren’t bad, providing about 3 hours of shooting time, but they will set you back around $150 a peace. After doing a […]

20Jan Canon c100 vs 6d and some c100 noise reduction

I’m stuck without a vehicle today (my trucks getting new tires) and the weathers been pretty rotten with 60 mile an hour gusts, so i’ve spent the morning playing around with the Canon c100 inside. A number of you have offered up suggestions to make my c100 shooting experience more enjoyable. So this morning, I went […]

24Dec Canon 5d mark III still at $2638

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III saw a price spike over the first few months of Magic Lantern’s RAW video exploit, but now it seems the prices are starting to settle out.  Sites like B&H are selling the 5d mark III for $2699 with free shipping and even the somewhat infamous Bigvalueinc on ebay is only offering […]

16Dec Canon C100 – first impressions

I’ve been doing a bit of shooting with the Canon c100 lately. Many people rant and rave about how much of a step up it is from a 5d mark III or any DSLR body for that matter. While I’ve enjoyed shooting with it, i’m not exactly in love. Currently the most disappointing thing about […]

05Dec Permanent price drop on Canon 6d?

The Canon 6d bounces around in price quite a bit, but the average price up until recently has been around $1700. After the round of black Friday and cyber Monday sales started to taper off, the Canon 6d remains at $1507 with free shipping on Amazon. Is this the new standard price for a 6d […]

13Oct Canon EF-M 22mm f2 STM lens – First impressions

The Canon EF-M 22mm f2 prime is a must for Canon EOS-M owners. Currently the only prime designed specifically for the EF-M mount, it’s 22mm design gives you a 35mm field of view on a crop sensor body. Even though f2 isn’t exactly ground breaking in the world of prime lenses, the $99 (with free […]

11Apr Canon 5d mark III HDMI firmware upgrade in the wild

I was hanging out at the Atomos Ninja booth checking out their new (and beautiful) Samurai Blade when I noticed a 5d mark III on display. I started playing around with the settings and suddenly I had a clean 1080p output. I grabbed one of the Atomos reps and he confirmed that this 5d mark III on […]

25Mar Cameramator turns into iUSBportCamera with Sanho update

Good news for CameraMator owners (like myself), Sanho has released an update for the CameraMator that allows the unit to work with Android, IOS, and PC’s. I haven’t had a chance to try the update out yet, but it looks like it’s using a webpage interface for both LiveView and camera controls. Not sure how good the […]