CameraMator (4 of 4)

Good news for CameraMator owners (like myself), Sanho has released an update for the CameraMator that allows the unit to work with Android, IOS, and PC’s. I haven’t had a chance to try the update out yet, but it looks like it’s using a webpage interface for both LiveView and camera controls. Not sure how good the refresh rate on the image will be, but it can’t be any worse then it was on the Canon 6d’s wifi control system.

I’m glad to see Sanho is stepping up to take care of the CameraMator owners that helped to support the Kickstarter campaign. I’ll update the firmware to the CameraMator and post some more info once I have it working. This thing might finally get some use. If you’d like to download the update for your CameraMator you can find it here.  You can also find Sanho’s re-branded version under the label iUSBportCamera for $299 on amazon.

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