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11Dec TP-LINK TL-MR3040 wireless field monitor with DSLR controller

Finally had a chance to sit down and hack the TP-Link TL-MR3040 Wireless unit. In case you missed it, with a little bit of work you can setup the  TP-Link TL-MR3040 to work with the DSLR controller android app. This basically gives you a wireless control as well and monitoring capabilities for less than $40. Note: Keep in […]

30Mar Cameramator iUSBportCamera update from Hyper + drive

I finally had a chance to test out the Sanho firmware upgrade for the Cameramator. This effectively loads the unit with the same configuration as their re-branded iUSBportCamera device. The update allows you to use any device with a web browser to access live view as well as camera controls. In this case I’m using the Nexus […]

25Mar Cameramator turns into iUSBportCamera with Sanho update

Good news for CameraMator owners (like myself), Sanho has released an update for the CameraMator that allows the unit to work with Android, IOS, and PC’s. I haven’t had a chance to try the update out yet, but it looks like it’s using a webpage interface for both LiveView and camera controls. Not sure how good the […]

26Feb CameraMator, now it’s a paper weight for everyone

If you were a backer of the CameraMator kickstarter project and you didn’t manage to get a copy of the app from the ios app store or lost your original app, you are currently holding a $200 paper weight. CameraMator has taken down the app from the app store due to “legal issues” between the hardware […]

11Jan CameraMator Wireless camera controller

The Cameramator actually showed up last week and the design and build look pretty reasonable. Unfortunately that’s all I can say about it right now as it only supports iOS devices which basically makes it a $200 paper weight for myself and many other backers. The Cameramator site, recently took down all of their references to android devices even […]

09Nov CameraMator Wireless transmitter update.

You might remember this post about a wireless camera monitor/control option on kickstarter. It basically connects the usb port on your camera to the device and sets up an ad hoc wifi point for your smart phone or tablet to access camera controls and live view. The kickstarter project closed in September and CameraMator has […]

29Aug Possible wireless version of DSLR controller via WiFi?

The CameraMator basically takes the concept of the DSLR Controller wireless by acting as a WiFi hot spot and transmitting the usb feed directly to your Ipad or android tablet. Right now they’re only demonstrating this as a wireless photo review solution with photography controls, but CameraMator team is working on live view video support as a […]