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25Dec Take advantage of that Christmas tree for Bokeh

It’s christmas day and you most likely have your whole family gathered around and your camera in hand. All those lights on your christmas tree gives you the perfect opportunity for some lovely bokeh. Get your favorite prime lense out, in this case i used the Canon 50mm f1.4 on a Canon 6d body, open your aperture […]

30Apr RODE Videomic pro 3.5mm to XLR input adapter

These adapters are pretty hand to have around. They work great with for the RODE Videomic Pro when dealing with XLR inputs and they also do a good job adapting wireless audio units like the Sennheiser units I normally use. You can find the cheaper version here for about $6.50 and the RODE branded version […]

31Mar DFN Mail bag Episode 3 – DSLR FILM NOOB

Questions: I just watched your video. Why do you use A Y splitter on the Tascam DR-60d? Is there any advantage to using an XLR audio adapter over something like the Tascam DR-60d? Which audio recorder/preamp/etc would you normally and routinely use for video shooting? What exactly is the crotch bar? Be sure to leave […]

26Mar IOGEAR Smartlink USB to USB adapter

The IOGEAR Smartlink USB to USB adapter set me back $14, and it’s a pretty simple tool for transferring files back and forth between a Mac and PC. Transfer speeds are limited to USB 2.0 restrictions which isn’t horrible and there isn’t any max file size problems like fat32 formatted drives which makes it pretty […]

24Mar DFN Mail bag Episode 2 – DSLR FILM NOOB

Questions: What are your thoughts on the Panasonic GH4? I’m upgrading from a 550d which camera would you choose? Do you think the EOS-M needs an external pre-amp or is the internal pre-amp decent? Be sure to leave your questions in the comment section or on twitter.

19Mar Wireless stereo audio with the Tascam DR-60d field recorder

As promised here is a full overview of the Tascam DR-60d wireless setup. All of the audio in this video (minus the intro) was recorded via a Wi audiolink stereo wireless transmitter. I’ve had very good luck with this setup in the field and this method has dramatically reduced the number of times I’ve needed […]

16Mar DFN Mail bag Episode 1 – DSLR FILM NOOB

Question: I saw your video using the nexus 7 as a monitor while filming. Canon you do the same thing with the ipad? I get this question on a daily bases so I thought i’d start the new show out with it. Let me know what you guys think of the new show format, I know […]

26Feb Zoom h4n memory card load times and the slow boot problem

A number of you have sent me emails about incredibly slow boot times when using the Zoom h4n. Instead of replying to the question multiple times, I thought it might be easier to address it here. The Zoom h4n is a pretty decent field recorder for the price, but it doesn’t seem to play well […]

05Feb Nady SGM-12, still the cheapest usable shotgun mic on the market

For the price the Nady SGM-12 shotgun microphone is still one of the best values on the market. At $30 it could be described with buzzwords like “adequate”, “acceptable”, and “usable”. The audio from the Nady SGM-12 isn’t particularly impressive, but it is very usable for a $30 microphone. Over the years i’ve managed to […]

29Jan Filming product close ups with a Gopro Hero 3

It can be tricky trying to get camera placement just right when shooting hands on product shots. One of the most affordable ways to accomplish this sort of thing is to use an extremely light camera like the Gopro Hero 3. A boom mic stand is designed to hold heavy condenser microphones in place even when […]