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29Mar Blatantly miss labeled Generic DOT-01 Sony NP-FW50 batteries

First of all, I’d like to point out that most generic battery claims are dubious at best. If you look at the labeling for any type of generic battery out there, the Watt-hour (Wh) and milliamp hour (mAh) ratings are almost always higher than their name brand counterparts. It is easy to assume that a larger mAh […]

23Mar Traded in my 5d mark III for a Sony A7s II

I’ve been shooting on the Canon 5d mark III for about 4 years now and Canon bodies in general for almost seven years. During that time, I’ve stuck with the Canon 5d mark III even as I began to shoot more and more on the Panasonic GH4. Even though many have complained about the lack of resolution […]

16Mar Sony a7s II on sale $2399

Looking for a Sony a7s II body? If so, they are currently on sale from Ebay seller electronicsvalley for $2399 with free shipping (from the untied states), which is about $600 less then you can find the Sony a7s II in other places.  $2399 is an excellent price and part of the reason I recently sold off my […]

02Mar Canon 5d mark III price drop, 5d mark IV on the way?

Canon announced official $300 price cuts on retail 5d mark III and Canon 6d bodies over the weekend and it seems to fall in line with the extremely low 5d mark III ebay prices we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks.  There were a lot of grumblings about the Canon 5ds possibly being the only new 5d branded […]

21Feb Watson Pearstone Duo LCD battery charger

A number of you asked about the battery charger I mentioned in the last podcast. Basically the tick is to buy one of the cheaper Watson or Pearstone versions for $39 or $19 respectively and then pick up the battery plates you need for the batteries you use. Depending on the battery charger you select […]

18Feb Canon 5d mark III down to $1999

Not sure if this is a sign, but Canon 5d mark III bodies are now down to $1999 on ebay. I’ve heard some talk of a 5d mark IV body on the way, but it’s hard to say for sure if this is any indicator. Regardless $1999 is a very good price.

07Feb Riser plate for camera sliders

I was on a shoot a few months ago where we were using the ifootage Shark S1 slider to slide the camera back from a subject to reveal an object off to the side that was out of frame at the beginning of the shot. If you’ve ever tried to use a slider in this manner […]

06Feb Canon 5ds & 5ds R just more megapixels?

This morning Canon announced the Canon 5ds and Canon 5ds R. Both cameras are pretty similar to the 5d mark III but canon’s added and subtracted a few things. The most significant upgrade is a 50.6 megapixel sensor, which Canon was quick to point out is a proprietary Canon sensor, Dual DIGIC 6 Image Processors, intervalometer, and USB […]

12Jan Canon 5d mark III new $2279

Despite what people say, the Canon 5d mark III is still a very good camera for filmmakers and photographers alike. Originally released at a price of $3400, the 5d mark III has bounced up and down in  price since it’s release thanks in large part to the Magic lantern hack. Right now it’s as low as […]

19Jun Canon 5d mark III $2575 sale

Yet another Canon 5d mark III ebay sale. Right now you can pick a possibly gray market 5d mark III body for $2575 with free shipping. I’ve ordered cameras from these sales in the past and had pretty good luck, but many times they require a signature for delivery. Also note that a lot of […]