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I was on a shoot a few months ago where we were using the ifootage Shark S1 slider to slide the camera back from a subject to reveal an object off to the side that was out of frame at the beginning of the shot. If you’ve ever tried to use a slider in this manner you’ll know that the issue with a move like this is that at the end of the move you run the risk of getting the edge of the slider in frame.

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While I’d seen riser plates for rod systems, I was looking for something that could be dedicated to the Shark S1 slider’s bag and provided enough lift to get the rails out of the shot at the end of the slide. The solution I came up with is this camera slider riser plate.

Shark slider extender  (1 of 4)

This camera slider riser plate will run you about $40 and comes with a 1/4 20 male/female adapter as well as a 3/8″ male/female plate. You can also configure them to be stack-able if you need to bring the camera up even higher.

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Combine the camera slider riser plate with a Manfrotto 501 fluid head and you’ll be able to pan, tilt, and slide all in a single shot. While $40 is a little pricey for two riser plates, it’s the best solution I’ve found on the market so far. It also made it much easier to get the shots I needed in limited space.

The camera slider riser plate is a pretty handy accessory for any slider owner and it’ll keep the slider out of frame. If you find a cheaper solution let me know and I’ll post it, this thing has been working pretty well for me, but it was also the only solution I could find.

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