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27Dec Recovering Data from a corrupted SD or CF card.

Ironically, I have my first memory card failure right after writing a post about proper data management. The card, an Adata 16 GB SDHC, came out of the behind the scenes camera. When I placed it into my card reader and clicked on the drive a windows popped up asking if I would like to format […]

27Dec Fresnel 650 watt tungsten light sale

If you’re in the market for some directional lighting, Fresnel tungsten lights make great studio spotlights. The Arri 650 watt models will set you back around $400 a peace. However this knock off from china (above) is selling on ebay right now for $177 with free shipping. Looks like the sale price only lasts for the next […]

26Dec Managing your film project’s data needs

It’s never a very sexy topic, but data management for your film project is very important. In a single day of shooting with two cameras you can easily fill up 5 or more 32GB cards and that’s not even counting the behind the scenes shots and stills. If for some reason you have to get everything done in a […]

25Dec Hero 3 black edition Back in stock at B&H

If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a Hero 3 black edition, you’ll know that they’ve been sold out everywhere. Looks like B&H has a limited supply back in stock ($399 with free shipping). If you want one, it might be a good idea to pull the trigger before the stock disappears again, there’s […]

25Dec MSI GTX 660 TI 2G OC Graphics Card

If you want to speed up your rendering times and smooth out effects playback in CS6 a Nvidia GTX graphics card is a very nice upgrade. My main editing bay uses a GTX 670 which will set you back around $400, but over the last few months Nvidia has released some slightly more affordable graphics cards that have […]

21Dec Canon 35mm f2 IS Lens, why?

The Canon 35mm f2 IS lens makes me scratch my head with wonder, as in I wonder what they were thinking. The original Canon 35mm f2 lens wasn’t great with it’s ugly looking bokeh and very soft corners even on a crop body, but the price was around $300 or less making it’s short comings more […]

20Dec Gopro Hero 3 USB audio cable test

The Gopro Hero 3 USB to 3.5mm audio cable showed up last night and I had a chance to do a quick audio test using the adapter. In these test I used the Rode VideoMic pro plugged directly into the usb adapter and recorded audio at 0db of gain as well as +20db of gain […]

19Dec Aviator Travel Jib – First impressions

This is a kickstarter project I’ve been waiting on for awhile and it’s finally here. The Aviator Travel Jib is an ultra portable 6 foot Jib that weighs in at a little under 4 pounds and folds up to right at 24 inchs. In the case you’ll find the travel Jib, a few peaces of hardware, […]

18Dec Gopro Hero 3 Black edition review video

Gopro Hero 3 black edition Review is up. It went a little long so I’ll be posting low light testing as well as usb audio adapter tests in the next video. I’ll be finishing up the Hero 3 Warp stabilizer tutorial video sometime next week. I’ll keep you posted.

17Dec Canon 5d mark II price drop $1599 with extras

Even with the release of the 5dMKIII and 6d the Canon 5d mark II is still a very good full frame camera. If you’re on a budget, but still want to move up, B&H is offering the Canon 5d mark II with extra battery, grip, and 16GB card for $1599. Just add it to your […]