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27Sep NES PC DIY build

As I was doing all of that research on FreeNas yesterday I came across a very cool DIY build project. Basically the build guide shows you how to turn an old NES case into a very cool little HTPC. You can also run an emulator on this little guy and play almost any old console […]

26Sep First attempt at a DIY FreeNas network storage solution.

After reading everyone’s input (thanks) and doing a few days of eye bleeding research, I’ve decided to give Mike’s Freenas suggestion a try. Since Freenas is linux based, I had to spend some time lurking around forums trying to decide what component options people have had the best luck with. Then I had to figure out which […]

25Sep Tamron SP 24-70mm f2.8 VC Amazon Warehouse Deal

The Canon 24-70mm L f2.8 lens has been a very popular zoom since it was released in 2002.  But over the last 10 years lens technology has advanced and the Canon 24-70 has stayed the same. Although Canon has finally released the 24-70mm mark II, it’s lack of IS and it’s$2300 price tag are pretty hard […]

23Sep Running out of storage space. Looking for NAS recommendations.

I’ve slowly been upgrading my storage situation over the last few months. As of right now 2TB of footage and photos are saved on a raid 1 array in my main desktop and another 1.5TB of the same type of critical files are saved on my second work station in the same manner. Everything is […]

22Sep Monitor Color Calibration

A lot of monitor manufactures will make odd adjustments to their displays in an effort to make them look better on the show room floor. This might make colors pop out at you, but it doesn’t do much for accurate color reproduction. Some monitors like the ultra low price Catleap 2560×1440 IPS Display don’t include any […]

20Sep Low price SSD alternative, Momentus XT Raid 0 array, a fast low power editing solution

Before I made the switch to SSD drives, I was a big fan of Seagate’s Momentus XT Hybrid drives. If you aren’t familiar with this type of drive, it basically uses a 4GB SLC SSD drive as a read/write buffer for a 500 GB 7200 RPM platter. The end result is that the high speed buffer […]

19Sep Magic Lantern on the 7d, update video posted

The Magic Lantern 7d port is coming along nicely. Here’s a quick video demoing some of the features the ML team already has working. I’m very excited about this port, hopefully the alpha test firmware will be released soon. I’ll keep you posted.

19Sep New Makerbot Replicator 2 3d printer

If you’ve followed the site for awhile you probably know that I make everything in the noob store on 3d printers. It seems like every year a bigger and better printer is release. The Makerbot Replicator 2 follows the same progression, bigger, better, and stronger. You might have a Noob Shock mount in your gear collection, if […]

18Sep Magic Lantern Finally on its way for the Canon 7d!

This from Canon Rumors. Looks like the Magic Lantern Team has finally found a way to install there firmware update on the Canon 7d. ML team member g3gg0 found a way to install the update on the 7d using the  autoexec.bin code. According to Magic Lantern: The first analysis shows that porting is straightforward (more or less), and […]

17Sep Canon 6d anounced

I’m only gone for a week, and a flood of cameras are announced. Out of all of these announcements the Canon 6d shouldn’t be to much of a surprise for most of you. The 6d has been rumored to be on the horizon for quit a few months, with the only real question being final specs and release date. Here are […]