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23Oct Printing a DSLR rig A frame handle.

I was working on a shoot last week and accidentally knocked over one my DSLR rigs.  Thankfully the Cube Cage completely protected the camera, but the frame of the rig hit just right and busted off a small chunk from one of the handle mounts. I was thinking about ordering another one from CPM, or […]

20Oct SDHC to CF adapter Speed test.

The SDHC to CF card adapter showed up today. The housing is slightly larger then a standard Compact flash card but it still fits easily into a standard card reader. A few people pointed out that these adapters aren’t good for video, so i thought it would be handy to run a few speed tests with […]

19Oct Lytro Light Field Camera pricing and specs announced.

A Few months back I posted about the Lytro Light field camera. This interesting little camera has the ability to capture an image, then choose your focus point later. This is the first I’ve seen of the actual camera and it’s a very interesting form factor. The strange little box measures out to about 1.6 […]

19Oct Lockport 7 & Lockport 5 HDMI port protector, HDMI lock

Sure you could spend $125 on the Zacuto HDMI cable lock, but for $25 less Lockport actually includes an HDMI brake out right angle adapter. Right now the Lockport 5 is designed for the Canon 5d mark II and the Lockport 7 is designed for the Canon 7d, but it looks like they’re also working […]

18Oct Canon Announces the 1D X

When it comes to camera announcements and camera rumors I default to Canonrumors.com. I only have so many hours in the day and don’t spend much time on Canon’s press release page.  I found out about the 1D X release this morning from Canon Rumors, then hit up the Canon’s site to read the full press […]

17Oct SDHC to CF adapter, are they any good?

I was looking for a new SDHC card reader this morning after accidentally stepping on my spare and I came across this SDHC to CF card adapter. I have no idea how well something like this would work, but it seems like it could be handy to be able to adapt the same memory across several […]

15Oct On-Stage 6500 padded light truss bag to haul your camera equipment.

I’ve used this On-stage 6500 bag for almost 5 years, both for camera gear and music equipment. The bag has quit a bit more padding then those included with most lower price tripods and heavy duty shoulder strap and handles. I’ve had good luck with durability, the only point to fail over the years of heavy […]

14Oct New Item for the Noob store, the Advanced Zoom h1 shock mount.

The new printer has paid off with an update to the Zoom h1 shock mount. This upgraded version of the shock mount gives you 3 extra cold shoes around the outside of the unit and a thicker frame to handle the extra weight. If you’re wondering why you might need the outside cold shoe adapters […]

13Oct Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS, the lens I’ve been dreaming about.

The Canon 70-200mm f2.8 II is a lens I’ve always wanted to own. If you have a crop sensor camera like the Canon 7d then the 70-200mm ends up being a 112-320mm  equivalent. I’ve had more then one chance to play around with it, and a few times I’ve actually been able to take it […]

11Oct Back again, Reprap 3d printer took over the last week of my life.

You might have noticed my lack of posts over the last week, and above is the basic reason, with  7 days of work and 1 day off for October fest. Sometimes I get sucked into a project and don’t stop until I’ve finished, this reprap build has taken more hours then I wanted to spend, […]