Sure you could spend $125 on the Zacuto HDMI cable lock, but for $25 less Lockport actually includes an HDMI brake out right angle adapter. Right now the Lockport 5 is designed for the Canon 5d mark II and the Lockport 7 is designed for the Canon 7d, but it looks like they’re also working on a universal adapter for t2i and 60d owners.

$99 is still a little more then I would expect to pay for a metal plate with an HDMI adapter attached to it, but if you consider how much it would cost to replace the HDMI port on your camera, the lock port suddenly starts to look more tempting.  Now I’d like to see one designed to work with a battery grip attached.

The current version of the Lockport works with a Redrock Micro base plate which will set you back about $100, well the Zacuto HDMI lock requires a Zacuto Gorilla Plate which runs about $70. By the time you spend the extra on the adapter there doesn’t seem to be much of a price difference. It does look like the Lockport could be adapted to work with a regular quick release plate, so you could probably skip the extra Redrock part.

One thing to think about, is that the Zacuto HDMI lock holds the Cable to the camera, the Lockport still allows the hdmi cable to come loose.  If you catch the cable on something I would probably rather it pop out of the adapter with out damaging the HDMI port, then snag the camera and send the rig falling to the ground.

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