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31Jan Canon 5d Mark III Body $2550 with free shipping

Another Ebay camera body sale, this time they’ve got the Canon 5d mark III body on sale for just $2550 with free shipping. That’s a great price for the 5d mark III if you are looking to upgrade. As with most of these ebay sales this is likely a Canon lens/camera combo that’s been separated […]

30Jan Transcend USB 3.0 card reader quick overview

I’ve had pretty good luck with the Transcend USB 3.0 card readers and I keep one in each camera bag. I needed another card reader to replace the one that was “borrowed” by a fellow filmmaker on the set of our last shoot (It’ll probably be 6 months before I see it again). When I […]

29Jan Shortly After Nightfall Film Noir project

Rob was asking for some more examples of my work. This video contains a handful of shots from a film noir project I worked on earlier this year. Special thanks to the OxBow Motel for letting us rent the entire place for the weekend as well as the cast and crew for spending 4 days […]

29Jan Filming product close ups with a Gopro Hero 3

It can be tricky trying to get camera placement just right when shooting hands on product shots. One of the most affordable ways to accomplish this sort of thing is to use an extremely light camera like the Gopro Hero 3. A boom mic stand is designed to hold heavy condenser microphones in place even when […]

28Jan 80’s themed Christmas horror story shoot

I don’t normally share much of my outside work on the site, but I ended up on a fun and interesting project this weekend. An 80’s themed Christmas horror shoot filmed in a restored 1911 historic theater. We had a great time with the cast and crew and after we wrapped up, we talked everyone […]

24Jan Canon 6d on Sale for $1350 new

Quick heads up Ebay seller 6ave has the Canon 6d body on sale for $1350 new with free shipping. If you are in the market for a full frame camera that’s a pretty darn good price. Supplies are limited so if you want one, you better move fast.

23Jan Used Gear Watch: DSLR shoulder rig with lots of extra parts

This looks to be one of the old Zacuto style rigs that used to pop up on ebay. The setup seems to have enough parts to build pretty much any kind of formfactor you’d want. Currently it’s at $100 with a $300 buy it now price with free shipping. The two QR plates are worth […]

23Jan Cold shoe to thumb screw 1/4 20 rig mount – hands on

That little $9 adapter I posted last week, showed up and although the label on Amazon is a little strange Cold Shoe Mount Male ¼ to 20 Female Threaded Adapter the adapter itself is as pictured. The cold shoe and thumbscrew are both metal and the case itself is a molded piece of plastic. Feels […]

22Jan DSLR FILM NOOB Quick tip of the day – Video out via Canon USB cable

There are always a lot of questions about hooking up a Canon DSLR to a standard definition monitor. The special cable you need normally comes with new cameras, but a lot of people either lose it or buy used and don’t get the cable. If you don’t have it, the cable is called a AVC-DC400ST […]

21Jan Canon EOS-M down to $234

If you are in the market for a really low price camera, second camera, or danger cam for filming, the EOS-M body is now down to $234 on ebay and $237 on amazon. The EOS-M can be adapted to just about any lens including old FD lenses like the Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5 and the Canon […]