Canon eos-m (1 of 6)

If you are in the market for a really low price camera, second camera, or danger cam for filming, the EOS-M body is now down to $234 on ebay and $237 on amazon. The EOS-M can be adapted to just about any lens including old FD lenses like the Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5 and the Canon FD 55mm f1.2. It has the same sensor as the t2i through t5i and you can even get Magic Lantern working on it.

I used to recommend a used Canon t2i for beginning filmmakers, but with the ultra low prices of the EOS-M and the better compatibility with cheap FD lenses, the EOS-M is now my number 1 recommendation for filmmakers on a budget. If you want to shoot photography and video, get a t2i, but if you main goal is shoot video only and you’re on a tight budget, get the EOS-M.

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