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26Jul Lomography Petzval Portrait lens kickstarter

The video pretty much explains itself. A very cool little lens design from the past brought up to modern times. You can find out more on the kickstarter page here. I got in on the early adopter price of $300, I think only the $400 and above options are left. It looks pretty cool, but […]

25Jul ASUS RT-AC66U Gigabit wireless router & wireless 802.11AC

If you’ve been wondering why my posts have been somewhat sparse this month it’s because I’ve been moving and doing a lot of filming. One of the bad things about moving (besides packing and unpacking) is that your network setup completely changes. The layout of my old place allowed me to run dedicated cables to […]

22Jul Seiki 4k monitor price drop and new 39 inch 4k model under $1,000

I mentioned awhile back the Seiki 50 inch 4k monitor. It was the first affordable 4k monitor i’d come across on the market at it’s original price of $1499. It looks like the 50 inch model is now available on Amazon for just $1100. This brings the price into the range of your average 55 […]

12Jul Linco Flora 4500W 3 piece lighting kit sale and some thoughts on CFL lighting

Linco actually sells good lighting kits, but the pricing on a normal starter kit like the one above usually comes in at around $900 for a 2 light kit and goes up from there. But right now they are offering their Flora lighting kits for a little bit better than half price ($427 buy it now with free […]

10Jul Rip off alert 2560 x 1440 monitors sold by seller lightnspace on ebay

Just a quick heads up, I’ve had great luck with my my first Achieva 2560 X 1440 monitor. I’ve been using it for almost a year now and it’s been a great experience. I thought I’d order another monitor for the studio computer down stairs. This time I ordered the monitor from Seller “lightnspace” on […]

09Jul Adobe CC official OpenCL support update

Finally there is some more information on what effects are supported when using OpenCL in latest version Adobe CC. Apparently the list is pretty comprehensive so instead of going over what effects are supported, lets take a look at the effects that aren’t supported when compared to an Nvidia’s Cuda cards.  According to adobe here […]

08Jul New Video Editing PC build

I’ve been pushing my old Inlet i7-920 rig for a little longer then I probably should have and I’ve reached the limit on just about everything. The board has been maxed out in the RAM department since day one (24GB) and I’ve had to add a PCI-E card for USB 3.0 support. Don’t get me wrong […]

07Jul Adobe Creative cloud has been cracked

Full disclaimer: I’m a paying member of Adobe Creative Cloud and don’t condone or support piracy even if the software is over priced. I take no responsibility for your use of illegally obtained use of Adobe CC products. One of the big reasons Adobe made the move to a subscription based service is to reduce piracy. Adobe products […]

02Jul Konova KSD 2000 DSLR skate slider – First impressions

Camera sliders are a very handy way to add motion to your film. A decent 3 foot camera slider can set you back over $300, but if you are working on or near a smooth flat surface, you can easily get away with using a much more affordable skate dolly. These skate dollies are also […]