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22May DSLR Smartphone Hot Shoe Mount – First impressions

I know a number of you are using the DSLR Controller app and the TP-Link wireless hack I posted awhile back to control and monitor your camera. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of cheap simple ways to mount the TP-link or your phone (unless you count velcro). I try to keep an eye out for […]

17Feb Canon EOS-M questions answered

I finally got my Canon EOS-M body back so I thought I’d take the opportunity to test a few things out and answer a few of the questions that have been coming in about the camera. To make sure everything is up to date, I went ahead and downloaded the latest nightly build of Magic […]

11Jan TP-Link TL MR3040 wireless DSLR monitor demo

I finally got around to filming a video demonstration of the TP-Link TL MR3040 router being used as a wireless monitor. As you can see from the video above, frame rates over wireless N are pretty decent, i’m getting something close to 20fps in the demo. As you can see from the video lag is […]

13Dec Is the Camranger really a TP-LINK TL-MR3040?

The short answer to that question is yes. I spoke with the guys from TP-Link this morning, i’m currently on Scotland time, so I think that’s evening in the United States. Here’s what they said. Under an agreement with TP-LINK, CamRanger is a rebranded TP-LINK router. CamRanger has altered the TL-MR3040’s firmware and created an […]

05Dec TP-LINK TL-MR3040 battery powered wireless router for DSLR controller

DSLR controller is a great app and over the past year or so it’s gotten a lot better. Recently, DSLR controller posted a guide to a DIY project that allows you to use DSLR controller wirelessly. Instead of using a $220 device like the iusbportcamera, the hack takes advantage of the $36 TP-Link Battery powered wireless […]

03Oct Low price wireless DSLR Controller solution

DSLR Controller is an app I’ve demonstrated with the Nexus 7 as a monitor and controller for your camera. Now they’ve released an update that allows you to use a Google TV style dongle with a usb battery brick to accomplish the same thing via wifi. You can download the app for your dongle here and the DSLR […]

09Nov CameraMator Wireless transmitter update.

You might remember this post about a wireless camera monitor/control option on kickstarter. It basically connects the usb port on your camera to the device and sets up an ad hoc wifi point for your smart phone or tablet to access camera controls and live view. The kickstarter project closed in September and CameraMator has […]

04Sep Cheaper Nexus 7 mount option for your DSLR RIG

The RAM mount adapter works as a secure way to mount the Nexus 7 tablet, but by the time you add all of the additional parts the price ends up being around $40. If you don’t need a mounting option that’s as rugged and want to save some money this tablet grip on ebay is only about $11. The get […]

05Aug Nexus 7 used as a monitor and usb controller with DSLR Controller

HDMI monitors can run anywhere from $160 to $1000 depending on what you need and what you have for a budget. The Nexus 7 tablet comes in at $200 for the 8 GB model and $250 for the 16 GB model. Add to that the $8.99  DSLR Controller app, and a $3 USB OTG cable and you can use […]

25Jul Nexus 7 with the DSLR controller app

A number of you asked if the Nexus 7 tablet would work with the dslr controller app and the answer is yes. The adapter cable showed up and I had just enough time for a quick test this morning. I can confirm that the image displayed is 30fps, video looks good, and controls work pretty well. The […]