TP-LINK wireless DSLR (1 of 3)

DSLR controller is a great app and over the past year or so it’s gotten a lot better. Recently, DSLR controller posted a guide to a DIY project that allows you to use DSLR controller wirelessly. Instead of using a $220 device like the iusbportcamera, the hack takes advantage of the $36 TP-Link Battery powered wireless router (above).

As with some of the other Wifi options out there, your frame rate isn’t going to be amazing (10 to 15 fps). However, for framing, macro work, and basic camera controls DSLR Controller is a far better solution than Canon’s native app for something like the Canon 6d. Unlike Canon’s native app, you can also use the TP-Link with DSLR controller in video mode which could be very handy option for video reviewers who work alone.

TP-LINK wireless DSLR (2 of 3)

In the package you’ll find the wireless router, a 2000mAh battery, wall charger, and short ethernet cable. There isn’t a lot to this $36 device, but if it can provide wireless control of a Canon DSLR it could be pretty handy.

I just opened up the TP-Link Battery powered wireless router this morning, so I haven’t had a chance to try installing the hack. I’ll post some more pictures and thoughts on the DSLR Controller hack once I’ve had a chance to give it a try.

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