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07Feb Riser plate for camera sliders

I was on a shoot a few months ago where we were using the ifootage Shark S1 slider to slide the camera back from a subject to reveal an object off to the side that was out of frame at the beginning of the shot. If you’ve ever tried to use a slider in this manner […]

27Apr Libec Allex S kit Slider tripod combo

At first look the Libec Allex S slider kit seemed like a pretty decent package. You get a heavy duty tripod with a 31 inch slider and a nice solid fluid head for around $600, making it an attractive starter kit. Libec makes some decent tripods and fluid heads a so I was expecting the slider to […]

23Dec Shark Slider S1 in the wild

I took the Shark Slider S1 out for it’s first round of shooting and so far it’s been pretty impressive. I’ll post some test shots once I get the footage in but everything I shot on set looked great. The flywheel sliding action really does an excellent job of achieving nice smooth moves. On a […]

18Dec Shark Slider S1 – First impressions

I think the Shark Slider S1 is now my new favorite motion device. It showed up right before I left the country so I’m just now getting a chance to play around with it. Beautifully constructed, ultra smooth operation, extendable to 47 inches of travel, and it breaks down into a nice 31 inch bag. […]

02Jul Konova KSD 2000 DSLR skate slider – First impressions

Camera sliders are a very handy way to add motion to your film. A decent 3 foot camera slider can set you back over $300, but if you are working on or near a smooth flat surface, you can easily get away with using a much more affordable skate dolly. These skate dollies are also […]

20Apr Polly Systems Polly Dolly

The Polly Dolly is probably one of the most unique takes on a slider I came across at NAB. At first glance it looks a lot like other sliders on the market, but the minute you try to use the slider you notice the difference. Most sliders require a very steady hand to operate smoothly and it’s […]

05Feb Rotating display table for product shots

I was in the market for a rotating product display unit for those moments were you just want the shot of a slowly rotation item in front of a back drop. I watched a few of the videos of people building them out of rotisserie motors with the price usually landing at around $30 to $40. Although I […]

21Jan Used Gear watch: 27″ FV Camera slider

A camera slider can set you back quit a bit, so if you can find one used at the right price it might be worth checking out. Right now on ebay there is a 27 inch FV Camera slider listed with 1 hour 10 min left with the current price of $102 plus $20 shipping. […]

20Apr Used Gear watch: Konova 31.5 inch camera slider

There isn’t a huge difference between the older model of Konova Sliders and the newer version. Basically better legs and a slightly different bag with a couple of extra fiddly bits. If you can find the original version used it’s still a very good deal. Right now on ebay there is a 31.5 inch Konova […]

26Mar DIY CNC Camera Slider project

If you own a CNC router, this DIY slider designed by edwinmakesstuff is a pretty cool little project. Four peaces of cut plastic, 15 606 roller bearings, a peace of aluminum extrusion, and some random hardware is all it takes. Total price about $35. There isn’t any way to provide extra friction, but it’s still an interesting […]