Shark slider s1 (1 of 1)

I took the Shark Slider S1 out for it’s first round of shooting and so far it’s been pretty impressive. I’ll post some test shots once I get the footage in but everything I shot on set looked great. The flywheel sliding action really does an excellent job of achieving nice smooth moves.

Shark slider (1 of 1)

On a side note, if you plan to use the Shark Slider for a bathtub shoot, fully extended it’s about the length of a normal sized bathtub. In order to fit the slider and stands into this tiny little bathroom we had to work with I had to assemble it in the 8 inches between the sink and the bathtub. It just barely fit in this space but with a 16-35mm f2.8 lens we were able to get the fx shots we needed.

After 20 hours of shooting with the Shark Slider the only real complaint I have is leveling. Fully extended the round travel rods have a little bit of flex to them. If you don’t have both tripod stands holding each side flat, the rods can twist just enough to bind up the slider towards the end of the slide. I started out using a Manfrotto magic arm for one side of the support, but the little bit of flex in it’s design was enough to mess up a few slides. Once we figured this out I switched over to two heavy duty tripod stands and that solved the problem. Not really something you would think about, but something to keep in mind.

I’ll post some slider demo shots from the shoot after Christmas. The Shark Slider so far is still one of the best sliders I’ve used for under $1000. Also special thanks to Jazmyne Van Houten for putting up with almost 3 hours in a bathtub while we set up and shot the special effects scenes.

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