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30Sep Matin Outlast leather DSLR hand strap – Review

You might know from this previous post, that I have a soft spot for DSLR hand straps, and I’ve been happy with the $7.49 hand strap I picked up a few months back, but after seeing the Matin Outlast leather hand grip pop up on Amazon a last month, I decided to pull the trigger on […]

30Sep Field recorders a short round up.

When I pitted the Zoom h1 against the Tascam DR-05, I had planned to sell one of them off, but as of yet I haven’t taken the time to do it.  Four hand held field recorders are probably two too many. I generally need a very small unit for quick and easy audio work, and […]

29Sep Tascam DR-40 – First impressions

The Tascam DR-40 finally showed up on my door step this morning after several shipping delays. A few of the features seem very interesting, like the ability to record 2 copies of the same audio, each at different levels and the ability to over-dub and extra audio track, but I’ll cover more of those features […]

27Sep HDMI Male to Female Swivel Adapter for short cables

I generally like to use shorter 3 foot HDMI to mini cables because I want enough length to hook up a monitor without leaving so much slack that the cable can be ripped out of the camera. HDMI just isn’t as tough of a cable standard as something like SDI which has a nice twist […]

26Sep Makerbot upgrades for the Next Noob shock mount revision.

When I’m not tied up with other projects I’m slowly putting together new ideas for the Noob store. To the left is the upgraded MK7 makerbot extruder, to the right is a ruff mock up of the next generation of Noob shock mount. There are 3 cold shoe mounts along the outside for extra gear. […]

25Sep Spider Steady Rig DSLR Rig Movie Kit adjustable shoulder rig video Review

The title of this post represents the current verbal spasm of a name that this rig sells under right now. The official name for this rig is the Spider Steady Rig (thanks to alexpirpiris for finding that for me), but it goes by many other names. Every time I start to complain about this rig I have to remind myself that it’s […]

24Sep Cheap Flexible Focus gears for your Follow focus

Focus gears can get kind of pricey depending on who you buy them from, so when I see one for $10.25, I’m a little skeptical of the quality. The basic idea of this little guy is that you can tighten the flexible gear on to your lens’s focus ring and your left with a one size fits […]

21Sep Juicedlink DS214 adapters finally back in the Noob store.

There was finally a brake in the orders for Zoom h1 shock mounts and my makerbot wasn’t out of service with mechanical problems. This gave me the day worth of testing and editing I needed to iron out the problems I was having with the Juicedlink DS214 adapter design.  You can now, once again, order […]

20Sep My old Lilliput 8″ monitor put to good use.

A number of you sent me e-mails when I posted my old Lilliput 8″ hdmi monitor for sale a few weeks back, but Brennan was the first to hit the buy it now button. He was also kind enough to send some pictures of it mounted to his PVC shoulder rig. Looks pretty nice and it’s […]

20Sep Big Canon announcements coming soon?

If you like speculation about what Canon plans to do with there camera line, I highly recommend you check out Canonrumors.com. They usually have the scoop on events, rumors, and patent filings for Canon products. This one is very interesting and a little strange. Canon has released a lot of DSLR cameras over the years and I […]