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20Sep The 3d printer took my weekend

I had grand plans of shooting some video reviews this weekend and getting some new stuff into the Noob Store, but as soon as I sat down in front of a CAD program for a little bit of design work I ended up spending 3 days designing this guy. 22 hours of designing, cutting, redesigning, […]

15Sep Shock mounts back in stock again.

I have plastic and hardware back in stock and the makerbot is again running at full steam, shock mounts are now back in the Noob store. DS214 adapters might come back in a few weeks once the second printer is up and running. Also new items in the Noob store coming tomorrow. I’ll keep you […]

15Sep Tascam Takes another swing at Zoom with the Tascam DR-40 4 track recorder.

A few months back Tascam released the DR-05 which seemed to be a direct competitor to the Zoom h1 field recorder,  I compared the two units side by side and it did seem like the over all build quality of the DR-05 was better then the Zoom h1, though the H1 wins in the size category. […]

13Sep Ram mount 1″ ball adapters: buyers guide

I’m a big fan of Ram Mount 1 inch ball adapters, they’re easy to mount, come in all kinds of configurations, and they’re very rugged. The only problem with Ram Mount is that they make a lot of stuff and because of that their website is about as organized as a riot in a prison yard. Whats worse […]

12Sep Noob Shock mount in the wild!

Stephen wrote in: I’ve been working on a still/video project on a roller derby team and your shock mount has been essential! I’ve been using it as a plant mic to record nat sound, mounted on a little tripod with a shoe mount. It can go anywhere without those nasty vibrations coming through the outer case. Looks like the […]

12Sep Another 3d printer for cheap.

3d printers keep getting cheaper and cheaper. If you keep your eye out you can sometimes find half finished printer projects on ebay. These open source printers aren’t for the faint of heart, it can be hours of frustration before you finally get things working correctly. But if you’re willing to give up your time […]

11Sep The Sony NEX-5n released.

I posted about the Sony NEX-5n awhile back and now the Sony NEX-5n body has started to show up on Amazon for $599. The overall impression is that the low light performance is about as good as the T2i with a slight gain in sharpness and all of this at 60fps. 1080p at 60fps is very nice, but […]

11Sep Building rampage, Fireball v90 CNC

I spent this weekending hunkered down in my basement, knee deep in sawdust. I’ve been tied up with so many other projects that I haven’t had time to setup a proper workflow for my Fireball v90 CNC router. I’ve been meaning to spend some time on a linear bearing slider for awhile now and I was […]

08Sep Adjustable tripod mount for your field recorder.

Sometimes it’s nice to mount your field recorder closer to your subject and still keep it out of frame or place it close to something you’re trying to sample. You could use an adjustable friction arm, but a cheaper and easier way is to use a boom mic stand and add this On Stage 1/4 20 […]

06Sep DualEyes and Pluraleyes 2.0 Multiprocessor support

If you’re a Canon 7d owner like myself, you’ve probably learned to deal with dual system sound. The cheapest way to go is to keep notes on your footage and manually sync audio in post. This is usually fine for 3 or 4 min shorts, but when you start getting into bigger projects with hundreds of clips, […]