Sometimes it’s nice to mount your field recorder closer to your subject and still keep it out of frame or place it close to something you’re trying to sample. You could use an adjustable friction arm, but a cheaper and easier way is to use a boom mic stand and add this On Stage 1/4 20 to mic stand adapter.

$7.00 buys you a ball head that mounts directly to a microphone stand with a nice little 1/4 20 thumb screw that you can attach to the back of a field recorder or even a small video camera.  Microphone stands are generally cheaper then most tripod stands and work great for mounting small items like the Zoom h1 or Zoom h4n.

The adapter is designed to support up to 6 pounds, so that should easily be enough to hold most field recorders and might even be enough to support the Canon t2i with a small lens. Just make sure you microphone stand can handle the weight. If you like to record a lot of group audio or work on podcasts, this could be a great add on for the new Zoom H2n.

The On Stage 1/4 20 to mic stand adapter is made out of sturdy feeling metal and it’s ball head snugs down very easily. The 1/4 20 thumb screw plate has soft rubber that provides a little bit of vibration isolation. If you don’t already have a microphone stand laying around the house you can usually find them in a pawn shop for under $10, if you decide to buy one new a microphone stand without a boom is around $14, and a Mic stand with a boom is usually around $18.  Either way something like this works great for voice over work and a lot of other audio applications.


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