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29Sep Tascam DR-40 – First impressions

The Tascam DR-40 finally showed up on my door step this morning after several shipping delays. A few of the features seem very interesting, like the ability to record 2 copies of the same audio, each at different levels and the ability to over-dub and extra audio track, but I’ll cover more of those features […]

08Sep Adjustable tripod mount for your field recorder.

Sometimes it’s nice to mount your field recorder closer to your subject and still keep it out of frame or place it close to something you’re trying to sample. You could use an adjustable friction arm, but a cheaper and easier way is to use a boom mic stand and add this On Stage 1/4 20 […]

17Jul Zoom H2n Announced.

Thanks to Yiannis for pointing this out to me. Looks like Zoom is releasing an updated version of the H2 portable field recorder. The new model called the Zoom H2n has a few interesting updates, including a screen very similar to its bigger brother (Zoom H4n), 4 track recording using 4 built in mics, a proper […]

09Apr Tascam DR-05 v.s. the Zoom H1, test and review.

I was able to spend a day messing around the Tascam DR-05. It’s definitely built better then the Zoom H1. The controls deliver a satisfying click when pressed, and there are no loose parts. The Tascam DR-05 also has a number of features that the Zoom H1 is missing including power for an external mic, the ability […]

25Feb More on Adding audio monitoring to your DSLR.

As promised here is the how to video guide, along with a quick demo. Yes My headphones are lime green, I know. Back on subject, you’ll notice in the video that the Red HDMI cable is plugged in and working at the same time as the usb-composite adapter (Canon AVC-400ST is the proper name). Since […]