Thanks to Yiannis for pointing this out to me.

Looks like Zoom is releasing an updated version of the H2 portable field recorder. The new model called the Zoom H2n has a few interesting updates, including a screen very similar to its bigger brother (Zoom H4n), 4 track recording using 4 built in mics, a proper volume knob, and the option to use a remote control to start and stop recording. It also has a line in jack for external audio recording. Not sure yet if it works this way, but it would be nice if you could use the line in jack and built in mics at the same time in 4 track mode.

The original Zoom h2 wasn’t a device I would recommend for camera mounting. The form factor was kind of strange and the mic pattern usually meant you would pick up the camera operator as well as the subjects you are trying to record. It might however, be a good choice for filming bands and music related events. You might be able to set this up in the middle of an acoustic set and get pretty good coverage.

I think the best use for the Zoom h2n could actually be round table style interviews. Place one of these in the middle of a conference table, turn on 4 track mode and you’ll end up with a lot of options for mixing audio and getting levels for each person setup in post. The surround mic pattern would save you from needing to place a mic in front of each of the people sitting at the table.

It looks like the price is expected to be around $200 with a release date closer to the end of the year. If the pickup pattern looks like something useful and you don’t want to wait for the new version, you can pick up the original Zoom h2 for around $130 used on amazon.

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