You might know from this previous post, that I have a soft spot for DSLR hand straps, and I’ve been happy with the $7.49 hand strap I picked up a few months back, but after seeing the Matin Outlast leather hand grip pop up on Amazon a last month, I decided to pull the trigger on this arguably classier looking model. Unfortunately Amazon only sells this in black, but I noticed while thumbing through the pictures that the same company did make one in brown. I scouted around on ebay and finally found the Matin Outlast hand grip in brown for about $12 cheaper. The price drop is nice but of course it took almost 4 weeks get here.

Open the package and you’ll find a nicely stitched leather hand pad in a soft microfiber case with brass buckles and a nice low profile metal 1/4 20 plate. Two extra little leather hoops are included to help manage your strap and an extra brass adapter is also included.

The 3 hole brass adapter is a nice extra touch, it allows you to attach a neck strap if you need an extra layer of protection. I like to use a quick release on my camera straps and this seems like a good place for my quick release buckles to hang.

The Matin leather DSLR hand strap is much easier to adjust and the pad is noticeably more comfortable then the Opteka hand straps. The pad is also much wider and easily covers the length of the back of my hand. The only part not made out of leather is the lighter colored portion of the hand strap which feels like it might be made out of a Canvas material. It feels very well made overall and it looks nice.

If you don’t mind waiting, you can find the (with shipping), but if you want it faster the Matin Leather hand grip is available (black only) on Amazon for $48. I’ll probably end up buying one of these for the rest of my cameras, it’s a very nice hand grip.

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