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16Jan Matin Outlast leather DSLR hand strap – Road test

I’ve been using the Matin Outlast leather hand strap since 2011. After 2 solid years of continues use I thought it might be time for a road test update (you can find my original review here). After all that use the strap is still in great shape, looks nice, and is still a relatively comfortable […]

12Dec Gopro Hero 3 frugal steady pod hand grip

I needed a small handle and tripod for the GoPro hero 3 so that I could keep the unit low profile for time lapse testing (it’s hard to climb a fire escape ladder with a tripod and not get caught), so I thought I’d give Scott’s frugal hand grip a try. At around $5 the […]

30Sep Matin Outlast leather DSLR hand strap – Review

You might know from this previous post, that I have a soft spot for DSLR hand straps, and I’ve been happy with the $7.49 hand strap I picked up a few months back, but after seeing the Matin Outlast leather hand grip┬ápop up on Amazon a last month, I decided to pull the trigger on […]