Gopro steady cam rig (2 of 2)

I needed a small handle and tripod for the GoPro hero 3 so that I could keep the unit low profile for time lapse testing (it’s hard to climb a fire escape ladder with a tripod and not get caught), so I thought I’d give Scott’s frugal hand grip a try. At around $5 the Vivitar Steady pod isn’t something I’d use for a DSLR but it’s sturdy enough for something like a Flip Cam or GoPro hero 3, well sort of.

The gray release button at the top of the handle is supposed to provide a latch to keep the camera in place which is fine when the handle is used as a tripod. However when you are using this as a hand grip the camera wont fall towards you, but it will fall forward with very little effort. Build quality feels like something from the dollar store. You’ll also notice mine is labeled “Polaroid” even though Amazon clearly lists it as Vivitar.

Gopro steady cam rig (1 of 2)

The hand grip function feels pretty flimsy even with such a small camera mounted, so if that’s the main reason for buying this you would probably be better off spending a little extra on the BARSKA Accu Grip handle instead. On the positive side this is cheap and small and it manged to last through 3 good time lapse tests with the GoPro hero 3, so I think I’ve got my money’s worth. The look and price made this a mid afternoon impulse buy, I think it’ll end up being re-gifted to my nephew along with my old Canon G10 as an intro to photography present.

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