I generally like to use shorter 3 foot HDMI to mini cables because I want enough length to hook up a monitor without leaving so much slack that the cable can be ripped out of the camera. HDMI just isn’t as tough of a cable standard as something like SDI which has a nice twist lock BNC style connector and if you¬†destroy your HDMI mini input on your camera it can be $500 or more to fix.

The down side of these short cables is that they aren’t very flexible and often there is strain on the back of the field monitor connection as you try to make the loop back to the mini plug on your camera. ¬†That’s were this handy little swivel adapter comes in.

The swivel gives you more play and allows your output cable to be pointed in whatever direction works best. So if you’re using a monitor with a side mount HDMI port like the Sony CLM-V55 (above) or a monitor with an HDMI port at the bottom of the screen like the SmallHD DP4, you end up with a cable that can more easily be snaked through your rig.

I’ve been looking for a version that has a Swivel on both the HDMI and mini side built into a single 3 foot cable, but I haven’t had any luck. If anyone knows a good place to find something like that, let me know and yes I tried monoprice.

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