Focus gears can get kind of pricey depending on who you buy them from, so when I see one for , I’m a little skeptical of the quality. The basic idea of this little guy is that you can tighten the flexible gear on to your lens’s focus ring and your left with a one size fits most gear for your focus puller. It looks like the pitch on the gears is a standard .8 so this should work with most focus pullers out there. Not sure how well it grips the lens, but for $10.25 the is probably worth taking a look.

Currently all of my focus gears are made out of hard plastic and either Redrock micro or a . Redrock makes some great stuff, but the price for one focus gear is around $40, the is around $70 for 6 different sizes which works out to about the same price as the adjustable focus gear, but each gear is only designed to work with one size of lens.

You can also find these flex gears on amazon for $4 more if you don’t want to wait for shipping from china.

Thanks for the heads up on this one Aaron!

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