You might have noticed my lack of posts over the last week, and above is the basic reason, with  7 days of work and 1 day off for October fest. Sometimes I get sucked into a project and don’t stop until I’ve finished, this has taken more hours then I wanted to spend, but hopefully soon you will see the rewards of my time off in the Noob Store.

If you decide to get a 3d printer and want to go with something like the Makergear Prusa, It might be a good idea to consider ordering the electronics board assembled, if you don’t have a good soldering iron and the skills to put something like this together, you’ll end up spend more then $50 worth of your own time trying to build things up, then fixing the problems you’ve created.

I also ended up making a few more modifications during the build then I had expected, that chunk of cloth sitting on top of the extruder is from one of my shirts, and the hard to see glass plate on the bed is from one of the 8×10 picture frames in the house.  I also added to all of the moving parts, and I can safely say this is one of the quietest machines in the house.

It might have taken up a week, but sometimes it’s worth it to dig into a project like this and see it through to the end. Now that it seems to be working properly (after a quick firmware upgrade), I should be back to my regular posting schedule, and I should be able to design and print much bigger items.

I’ve also received a lot of e-mail over the last week, so I’ll be getting back to as many of you as I can, and try to get caught back up with most of your questions soon. It’s been a fun week of building things, but I’m glad to be done, more then a week on a project like this and it starts to seem like work.

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