So here’s a quick test of the Monoprice 2.4Ghz lav system recorded directly into the Panasonic GH4. There’s no indication to tell you what the output level is on the Monoprice receiver, but I had to turn it down quite a bit before it stopped peaking out the camera inputs. I also turned off two of the WiFi networks in the studio so that there wasn’t any interference.

When youtube compresses the video, the noise is actually suppressed pretty well and you don’t really hear how noisy the audio actual is. I went ahead and rendered out the timeline audio so you can listen to what it sounds like before the youtube mystery compression happens.

The Aspen lav does make a noticeable difference in audio quality and with youtube compression the audio even sounds “acceptable”. If I were to run this through some noise removal in audition before uploading to youtube I think I could pass it off as usable audio.

Aspen Mic monoprice wireless (5 of 5)

Over all I think the Monoprice 2.4Ghz lav system does sound better than it’s closest priced competitor the audio technica 88w. WiFi congestion is a big concern with this guy, but I think if you are on a really tight budget, shooting at home, and are just upgrading from an on camera mic to your very first wireless audio system, this setup might be a decent stepping stone.

I don’t think I’ll be using it unless i’m in a pinch, but it was fun to test. Maybe it’ll be a giveaway on a future podcast.

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