Watson double charger (5 of 6)

A number of you asked about the battery charger I mentioned in the last podcast. Basically the tick is to buy one of the cheaper Watson or Pearstone versions for $39 or $19 respectively and then pick up the battery plates you need for the batteries you use. Depending on the battery charger you select this will save you between $40 and $60 compared to the normal option.

The battery plates are easy to change out and the charger is made pretty well. I’ve been using mine for more than a year now without any issue.¬†As I mentioned in the podcast, some people have reported a high pitch hum coming from the Pearstone¬†version. I’ve never had a problem with mine, but it could be that the frequency is just to high from me to pick out. So keep that in mind if you are sensitive to coil hum. Other than that $19 + maybe $10 for a hand full of battery plates and you’ll get a great price on a pretty decent charger.

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