These adapters are pretty hand to have around. They work great with for the RODE Videomic Pro when dealing with XLR inputs and they also do a good job adapting wireless audio units like the Sennheiser units I normally use. You can find the cheaper version here for about $6.50 and the RODE branded version here for about $15.

35mm plug

If you are interested in trying to build one of these yourself, you can find the wiring diagram here. While it is possible to do, the Campro adapter is only $6.50 and for most people that price is worth it for the form factor and convenance. Also a few of you over the years have asked about signal cancellation in the XLR adapter. Because the signal output by the RODE Videomic Pro is the same on both the tip and ring, there is no common mode rejection going on inside the adapter. If you really want to know more about how that works, let me know and I can write something up on it, but really all that maters is that there is no signal cancellation.

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