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The Samsung U28D590D 28 inch 4k monitor just showed up from Amazon. I picked this up over easter while it was on sale for $599 but shipping was delayed several times on my order before it finally made it to Fedex. Sometimes Amazon Prime shipping just doesn’t live up to its super fast delivery promise.

Samsung 4k U28D590D monitor (2 of 5)

Inside the box you have an HDMI cable, displayport cable, power adapter, and the 4k panel as well as a manual and a disk I have yet to explore. There were a lot of complaints about the stand on the Samsung 4k monitor being wobbly and it’s pretty easy to see why. That little upside down T shaped bracket and two small screws are all that supports this 28 inch monitor.

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Still the Samsung 4k monitor is extremely lightweight, especially when compared to the equally wobbly 2560×1440 Catleap monitor I’ve been using for the past few years. It’s also about an inch thinner than the Catleap making it a pretty delicate little flower.

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Ports on the Samsung 4k monitor aren’t in the most convenient location. In place of a versa mount we are left with 5 ports that come directly out of the back of monitor. So if you are trying to place this monitor up against a wall or in a tight location the cable placement could be a problem.

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A few of you reported receiving the Samsung 4k monitor with Korean text on screen and a foreign power plug. Mine showed up with english selected on screen and a standard United States power cable, so I guess it depends on who and where you order it from.

I just got the monitor plugged in and set up a few hours ago so I haven’t had a chance to color calibrate it or anything like that. However my first impressions of the 4k monitor are mostly positive so far. Out of the box, the color settings seemed to be set to low contrast and colors were a little washed out, but I’ll have to wait and see what it looks like once I’ve run a color calibration on it. Build quality is on the cheap end but useable for the price.

The Panasonic GH4 showed up at the same time as the Samsung 4k monitor so I’ll be dividing my time between both of them over the next few days. Should be fun.

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