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I finally had a chance to test out the Sanho firmware upgrade for the Cameramator. This effectively loads the unit with the same configuration as their re-branded iUSBportCamera device. The update allows you to use any device with a web browser to access live view as well as camera controls.

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In this case I’m using the Nexus 7 in combination with iUSBportCamera to access live view mode. As with the Canon 6d and Hero 3 black edition, live view with this unit is laggy. It’s good enough for framing and basic camera controls but it’s no replacement for a field monitor.

The web browser interface isn’t very elegant, you have to type in the devices ip address ( then open at least two browser tabs before things start working and the usb connection sometimes requires you to turn the camera on and off a few times to get things to connect properly. On the bright side, the web interface allows you to use a laptop, desktop, phone, android tablet, or ipad to access the camera. So whatever device you have with you should be able to do the trick.

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Camera controls on the right hand side of the screen are pretty basic and straightforward.  However the controls aren’t as indepth as they could be. For example the camera button seems to work when you want to snap off a picture, but I wasn’t able to get it to start/stop video recording. Hopefully there will be updates to these controls in the future, it’s a good start but things just aren’t quite there yet.

Overall, i’m glad that Sanho was kind enough to release this update. If you’re trying to film yourself talking directly into the camera, a device like this is very helpful for framing and focus check. However the iUSBportCamera is not going to be a replacement for a field monitor and the lack of the start/stop recording functions means that it isn’t a very good camera remote either.

Sanho released this update within a month of the Cameramator app being pulled from the marketplace, which is a fast turn around for a complex app like this.  With that kind of response I’m sure that they’ll be releasing updates and features that add more functionality. But until that point, i’m on the fence about the value something like this provides for a $300 price tag. I’ll spend some more time playing around with this before I post a full video review.

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