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03Jan Refurbished Canon 5d mark III body $2599

The price of the Canon 5d mark III has been dropping from it’s original MSRP of $3499 down to $2975 at most locations. Now refurbished 5d mark III’s are starting to show up on Ebay for $2599 and you can find display models for as low as $2435 if you don’t need a battery charger. A few […]

13Dec Canon 6d Firmware and software updates

Canon just released a software update to DPP last night that allows the program to support RAW files from the Canon 6d. It’s a little surprising to me that this wasn’t ready to go at launch, was Canon rushing to get this camera out before Christmas? Also it looks like the first Canon 6d firmware update has […]

11Dec Canon 6d decoded battery issues

Over the last week of testing the Canon 6d I didn’t release I had only been using official Canon batteries. When I went to change one out last night I got a  “Communication with Canon LP-E6 battery is irregular”. I checked the battery in the Canon 5d mark III and the Canon 7d and both gave […]

30Nov Canon 6d manual posted, audio level meters confirmed!

I’ve been looking all over the place trying to find out if the Canon 6d includes audio level meters. I know a number of you have asked if this was the case. I can now confirm that it does in fact have level meters as you can see from this screen cap of page 210 […]

27Nov So I pre-ordered the Canon 6d

The Canon 6d has had me on the fence for awhile now. It’s as though Canon added just enough features to tempt me, but took away enough to make me think about waiting tell February for the next batch of cameras. On the downside the Canon 6d barely keeps up with the 5d mark II when it comes […]

25Oct Canon 5d mark III firmware announcement, Clean 4:2:2, 8 bit HDMI out

It looks like Canon is finally unlocking some of the power of it’s Digic 5+ processor in the 5d mark III with the announcement of a new firmware update coming next year. The Nikon D800 was released with the ability to output a clean HDMI signal, however it was reported that the 5d MKIII was not capable of outputting a […]

17Sep Canon 6d anounced

I’m only gone for a week, and a flood of cameras are announced. Out of all of these announcements the Canon 6d shouldn’t be to much of a surprise for most of you. The 6d has been rumored to be on the horizon for quit a few months, with the only real question being final specs and release date. Here are […]