The Canon 6d has had me on the fence for awhile now. It’s as though Canon added just enough features to tempt me, but took away enough to make me think about waiting tell February for the next batch of cameras. On the downside the Canon 6d barely keeps up with the 5d mark II when it comes to AF points which is disappointing when you consider the used price of a 5d mark II body is around $1300 right now. On the other side of things the new single cross type AF point is supposed to be good all the way down to EV -3 which beats the 5d mark III’s EV -2 rating. Also the new 20.2 megapixels CMOS sensor has a large 6.55 µm photodiode size which means it could actually outperform the 5dmkIII (6.25 µm square) in low light and would only be beaten by the 1dx  (6.95 µm square) in Canon’s lineup.

Canon has decided not to included dual card slots which is a shame as this is a feature I’ve grown to enjoy on the 5dmkIII. The meager 4.5 fps frame rate doesn’t really make for much of an upgrade from the 5d mark II, yet Canon has made this the first body to offer built in wifi and GPS features. There is no flip out screen like the 60d, but canon reps have pointed out in several interviews that you don’t need a flip out screen because you can simply use your cell phone as an external monitor. Compare this feature to the massive waste of money that is the Canon WFT-E7A. When I say “massive” that’s because the WTF-E7A is about half the size of a DSLR and offers very few features (other then transmission range) for almost $800.

The extreme lack of buttons and that click dial that’s supposed to be a “feature” on the Canon 60d is a big disappointment. Remember how much some people complained about the movement of the focus assist button on the 5dmkIII? Well now they don’t have to worry about that because there are no buttons.  You’re left with the bare minimum, a blank shapeless spot for your left hand to occupy. However, unlike the 60d, the 6d is fully waterproofed and sports an Aluminum alloy and polycarbonate body.

I’ve gone back and forth over the past month. Do I want more AF points, or better low-light AF? Do I need all those buttons or will I be just as happy to control the camera with my phone? No one’s been able to tell me if the 6d will have on screen audio level meters. The 6d’s biggest features are low-light performance and wifi, but is that compelling enough for $2099? The positive features are just enough to push me towards pre-order, but don’t be surprised if I trade this back in.

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