Canon eos-m Discontinued 

I’ve been seeing the Canon EOS-M price drops everywhere. With the development of Canon’s first new APS-C sensor in years (found in the Canon 70d), I thought we’d see an announcement of a new and improved EOS-M with a better auto focus system built around the new sensor. This morning I found several online retailers listing the EOS-M as “Discontinued” but I have yet to see an announcement from Canon on it’s replacement.

With Canon’s continued development of “Dual Pixel CMOS AF”, they seem to have committed themselves to a sensor that works well in both APS-C and mirrorless cameras. Are they trying to give the 70d some breathing room before releasing the sensor in lower priced cameras? After all it took almost 8 months before the 7d’s APS-C sensor started showing up in Canon’s rebel line.

I wondering if this means no new EOS-M until the end of the year. Personally I’d like to see more mirrorless options from Canon. Sony does a great job with the NEX line, but the menu system and controls make the cameras feel like a fisher price toy instead of proper cameras and I’ve never been very enthusiastic about 4/3’s cameras. Canon’s had a slow start, but at least the EOS-M line has all the same menus and controls seen in their full sized DSLR line.

More EF-M lenses would also be nice. The 22mm f2 is a decent start but I’d like to see 3 or 4 more primes in the lineup. What good is a E.V.I.L. camera if you don’t have a range of pancake primes to go with it? Hopefully Canon continues to invest in the EOS-M lineup and releases some more lenses to go along with a new EOS-M body around the end of the year.