EOS-M HDMI output 11

A few people were asking about the HDMI output of the Canon EOS-M. In this case I have the magic lantern overlays enabled, but basically it’s a cropped 1080p signal that’s very similar to the Canon 7d‘s hdmi output. There isn’t any change to the hdmi output when you hit record and no blinking to deal with.

Because the resolution is still 1080p (cropped), the 1:1 scaling on the Sony CLM-V55 monitor still works. One quick press and you can have the image shown without scaling. This gives you an 800×480 view of the center of the cropped 1080p signal making it pretty easy to check focus.

Like most other Canon cameras (5d mark III excluded) you lose the on camera display as soon as you connect the HDMI monitor. This aspect does make menu navigation a little tricky on the Canon EOS-M‘s touch heavy interface when trying to change settings. Basically you have to hit the Q button a few times until you get to the settings you’re looking for then click and scroll your way through menu’s and make changes 1 setting at a time. Not exactly the best way to make changes, but still doable if you plan on using a field monitor.

Magic Lantern menus are accessed with a two finger touch. So if you need to adjust feature in the Magic Lantern menu, you should make those changes before you plug in a monitor.

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