As promised here is the in-depth EOS-M film kit overview with a close look at pretty much everything in my kit. I’m working on a full review of the EOS-M and hope to have it up before I get flooded by NAB content.

EOS-M Kit01

Although I have a number of Canon FD lenses, Crini mentioned the Olympus OM primes as an even more affordable alternitive. Most of the good Olympus OM primes are under $50 a piece and the OM to EOS-M adapter is only $14. For those prices I might have to pick a few up and test them out. They could also be an option for the Panasonic GH4k I have on pre-order, though i’m not sure how well these older lenses would resolve a 4k image.

You can check out my full EOS-M kit list in this earlier post. Over all i’m still pretty happy with the EOS-M for the price.

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