Windscreens for your microphones are well worth the money, especially if you plan to shoot in outdoor conditions. Up for comparison today is the official Rode DeadCat windscreen and the unofficial Micover windscreen. The first is $40 while the second is around $20.

As you listen to each audio track it’s pretty easy to hear which windscreen does better. The Micover windscreen blows the Rode Deadcat out of the water. The performance of the Micover is excellent for the price and it looks better, plus it’s about half the cost of the Deadcat.

You can download the complete recordings of both of these windscreens if you’d like to listen to me talk.

Rode Deadcat windscreen Audio track (click here to download)

Micover windscreen Audio track (click here to download)

If you need a windscreen for your Rode VideoMic or Rode VideoMic Pro I highly recommend you take a look at what Micover has to offer. If, on the other hand you need to clean the dust off of your TV or wash dishes, the Rode Deadcat is probably the perfect choice.

On a side note, I had my audio levels set a little bit to hot and peaked them once or twice. It started raining shortly after filming this, so I didn’t have a chance to re-shoot and i’m not going to go back out in the cold. It is still very easy to tell which windscreen does the best, even with this minor mistake. Also if you look closely you’ll see that i’m using the Jangus stereo wireless adapter for this shoot. I’m still testing it out and it’s working really well. Hopefully I’ll have some time to put up a video review in the next few weeks.

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