After posting the Sescom usb to 3.5mm cable reviewMichael started asking me why I didn’t post a soldering tutorial on making a cheaper version of the Sescom adapter.  Several long comments and 3 days later, Michael has posted his own tutorial on building a cheaper version of the Sescom cable.

A few things to note, you can’t build this cable with a standard mini USB connector, so if you don’t have the Canon AVC-DC400ST cable that came with your camera this method is no longer cheap, as the cable is priced at around $30. Also the Ferrite bead is not a magnet, it is a Ferromagnetic material that is used to suppress high frequencies. I recommend you leave it on your cable if you attempt this project.

In the end you pay for convenience, if you have the time, equipment, and cable this is a pretty easy little project. If you don’t, an off the shelf cable is probably the easiest way to go.

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