If you haven’t picked a side in the Canon 5d mark III v.s. Nikon D800 debate this video from digitalrev seems like a fare mash up. It’s nice to see that Canon has finally caught up in terms of auto focus, but the massive megapixel count on the Nikon D800 does offer up a lot of room for image cropping. On the other hand Canon’s video mode seems to have more features overall.

Gizmodo’s low light shootout¬†between the two cameras, all though flawed (1/160 shutter speed guys, really?), does show the 5d mark III really shining in low light video mode. It seems like the trade off is resolution v.s. low light performance for these two cameras. Sure the video mode is a little better on the Canon 5d mark III, but if you can’t live with out the resolution I’m sure you could put up with the slightly lacking video features that the Nikon D800 offers and of course not everyone really needs ultra low light performance of the Canon 5d mark III.

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