Zoom h6

I mentioned the announcement of the Zoom h6 awhile back and it’s finally shown up for pre-order on B&H. Looks like Zoom is including both the XY capsule as well as the mid-side microphone module in the initial $399 price tag. Part of me likes the idea of having all of those inputs and controls in a single package, but I’m also left thinking this will end up being a ergonomics nightmare.  How do you carry something like this around? Would you really want 4 XLR cables hanging off the side of the unit? It might be great for table top uses like pod casting and band practice, but how many people will carry this into battle on a film set?

Watching the product video, it’s hard for me to tell if the Zoom h6 fits into the same form factor as the Zoom h4n. The tilted screen and neck strap options might still make this usable for portable work. However mounting something this large to the top of your camera seems somewhat unlikely, you could do it but it looks pretty awkward. Still if the final price starts dropping to around $300 I could see this being a very popular item, especially with the computer interface.

I might make an effort to get the Zoom h6 in for review, but I don’t know if I’ll be adding it to my collection. Having 6 audio tracks could be great, but I don’t normally need to deal with more then 4 audio tracks in a given setting, and I can easily cover that with the Zoom h4n or the Tascam DR-60D.

If you’re interested in the Zoom h6, you can pre-order it here. If I end up with a review unit, I’ll let you know.

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