A single 7200 rpm hard drive can usually handle 2 or 3 layers of hd footage with out drop outs, but if your timeline gets anymore advanced then that you’ll need something faster. There are a few options to choose from like raid drives, Velociraptor drives, or ultra fast SSD drives but the price per gig of these options are still pretty high.

Another option is the OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid, it still isn’t cheap by any means but with Sustained Sequential read speeds of over 910 MB/s  it easily over takes the above options. On top of all that it gives you 1tb of editing space for under the price of a 256gb ssd drive.

The OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid gets its speed by buffering all read and write operations through an onboard 100GB SSD drive and filtering everything through an SCSI controller to handle the data flow. Unfortunately this means that trim controls don’t work correctly in windows 7 (find out more about that here).

I haven’t used this drive yet, but it’s made it to my list of computer upgrades. Some of you are more computer savvy then me, so if you see any problems with this drive let me know and i’ll update the post. The price and speed make this drive look like a very good choice for video editing applications. Plus $329 seems like a pretty good price for a 1tb drive with SSD speeds. If I pull the trigger on this drive I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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