Audio technica 4073

One of my favorite boom microphones, the Audio Technica 4073 is often overlooked by filmmakers. It’s popularity in ENG work has made it so common that you can usually get it for a good price on the used market. New, the Audio Technica 4073 will set you back around $700, but right now there’s a 4073 on ebay with only 16 hours left of bidding sitting at $200 + $11 shipping with zero bids. It looks a little beat up but the 4073 is a work horse even with a few bumps and bruises. I’d have bid on it myself if I didn’t already own two 4073 mics. With less than 16 hours left it’ll probably sell for under $400 if you’re lucky. I should probably post a review of the 4073, it’s a great mic. I’ll add that to my list.

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